Equip 2017 talks are now available here for playback or download.


EXODUS by Steve Chong

Steve Chong is the Director of RICE Movement in Sydney, Australia. At Equip 2017, Steve spoke from Exodus 2-17. (Note: Talks 1 and 5 were recorded at the South Island conference; Talks 2-4 were recorded at the North Island conference.)
Exodus 2:1-10 – Moses’s Birth
Exodus 6-12 – The Plagues
Exodus 14 – Crossing the Sea
Exodus 16 – Provision in the Desert
Exodus 17:1-7 – Water from the Rock

LUKE by James de Costobadie

James de Costobadie (Costa) is the Senior Pastor at Christchurch St John’s Anglican Church. At Equip 2017, Costa spoke from Luke 14-16. (Note: These talks were recorded at the South Island conference.)
Luke 14:15-24 – Beware Complacency!
Luke 15:1-32 – Beware Self-righteousness!
Luke 16:1-18 – Beware Short-termism!
Luke 16:19-31 – Beware Unbelief!