Women in Ministry aims to Train, Equip and Network Women in Gospel Ministry

Women in Ministry Conference 2024: 12pm 27th – 12pm 29th August 2024, Hanmer Springs. 

Speaker: Carrie Sandom, Women’s Director, Proclamation Trust, UK. 

Theme: Living by the Word: Exploring Old Testament Narrative. Talks from 1 Samuel.

Registrations for WiM 2024 are now open and will remain open until Sunday 21st July.

This two day conference in August is at Hanmer Springs, North Canterbury, and will have Carrie Sandom as our main speaker. Carrie is the Women’s Director for the Proclamation Trust, based in London and has taught extensively to women engaged in ministry throughout the world. She is a faithful and engaging Bible teacher and we are very excited to have her teaching us from God’s word.

The Conference Structure will include:

  • Three talks on 1 Samuel and two Bible Toolkit sessions taught by Carrie. The Bible Toolkit sessions will teach us firstly how to Connect the Gospel when we are teaching from the Old Testament, and secondly how to Apply the Old Testament.
  • Prayer and bible study small groups on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. These will be a time for delegates to gather in small groups sharing your preprepared Worksheet on a passage in 1 Samuel and pray together for each other.
  • Women in Ministry Panel on the topic of Surviving in Ministry where we hear wisdom and reflections on how to survive and persevere in gospel based ministry across a variety of ministry roles and areas.
  • Ministry Networking opportunities and sharing of evangelism/ ministry strategies with women doing ministry in similar areas.
  • Optional Workshops on the Wednesday afternoon (see rego form for details).

This year we will focus on the skills needed to handle Old Testament Narrative as we explore 1 Samuel. The conference will be mostly based at Hanmer Springs Hotel, and we will stay in houses in Hanmer Springs.

Pricing for 2024:

1. Standard Accommodation (potentially shared room) BYO Linen – Total Cost $220.00
2. Standard Accommodation (potentially shared room) Linen provided – Total Cost $240.00
3. Single Room Accommodation BYO Linen – Total Cost $280.00
4. Single Room Accommodation Linen provided – Total Cost $300.00

The Women in Ministry (WiM) conference aims to train women to understand and teach the Bible, to equip women to make disciples, and provide opportunities to network with other women in gospel ministry. 

Each year the conference will equip women to handle the Word by teaching a particular genre: Law, Prophecy, Narrative, Poetry, Gospel, Epistles, and Apocalyptic. We’ll have Bible expositions, Workshops on the specific genre, Prayer Groups and Seminars on scripture topics, ministry and pastoral care. 

For more information, please email: info@gtt.nz

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